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The vision of Theological Education is to create a global community of learning within the Anglican Communion that will enrich the lives of everyone engaged in theology. Through establishing networks and new ‘companionship relationships’, the aim is to connect people from different cultures, circumstances and perspectives and enable them to enhance their understanding of one another and of God.

This diverse learning experience, which may include virtual and face-to-face encounters, will also look at what they have in common - the core of the Christian faith. The hope is they will be well-resourced and able to explore what it means to be Christian brothers and sisters across contrasting cultures, languages and levels of wealth. The creation of regional resources and mission publications will support all those taking part in theological learning and discussions.

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“None of us has a complete picture of Christ and others have a different view from their perspective. As we learn from one another, we gain a bigger and richer picture of the One we follow.”

The Revd Dr Stephen Spencer
Director of Theological Education

Priorities in theological education

  • Establishing companionship relationships between centres of theological learning

  • Facilitating the development of online resources on Anglicanism

  • Supporting and promoting theological education for mission for the Lambeth Conference 2020

Director of Theological Education for the Anglican Communion

The Revd Dr Stephen Spencer leads the theological education initiative for the Anglican Communion and is based at the Communion’s office. He took up the role in February 2018.

He was previously vice principal at St Hild College in Yorkshire. He also has experience as a parish priest and has written several theological books. During his time in the Diocese of Leeds, he was Link Officer for the Diocesan Companion Link with the dioceses of Mara, Rorya and Tarime in Tanzania.


Stephen’s focus is on:

  • Visiting theological colleges around the world 

  • Building the education and training networks 

  • Meeting individuals to explore and set up companionship relationships

  • Setting up and resourcing consultations between and within regions to create resources on what it means to be Anglican and the nature of the Anglican Church.

  • Supporting and promoting theological education for mission

Project Manager

Muthuraj Swamy

Dr Muthuraj Swamy is TEAC Project Manager focusing on theological education in the area of mission. He is responsible for organising three conferences and also overseeing the publication of resources in the areas of reconciliation, evangelism and the renewal of prayer and the Religious Life.

One aim of this work is to raise the profile of theologians in the Global South.

Mutharaj is the author of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book for 2019 on the theme of reconciliation. He also wrote The Problem with Interreligious Dialogue. He is director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity World at Westminster College and was Dean of Theology and Associate Professor in Theology and Religion at the Union Biblical Seminary in India.

Assistant Director for Theological Education for Lusophone, Francophone and Spanish speaking regions

Paulo Ueti

Paulo Ueti is Assistant Director for Theological Education for Lusophone, Francophone and Spanish speaking regions of the Anglican Communion. He is based in Brazil and also works part-time for the Anglican Alliance as Theological Advisor & Latin American Regional Director. He is a New Testament scholar and former professor of Spirituality and Biblical Hermeneutics at the Sao Boaventura Seminary in Brasilia, Brazil, and former professor of History and Literature of Early Christianity at the University of Brasilia/Brazil. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Brazilian Association of Biblical Research.

Education for Discipleship Co-ordinator

Jolyon Trickey

Jolyon Trickey is Education for Discipleship Co-ordinator. He has been a local Church leader, planter and builder for 27 years in the Church of England. Before ordination he qualified and worked as a barrister. He has always been committed to enabling others to exercise their ministry (Ephesians 4: 13), investing time, coaching, writing and delivering courses to form, train and disciple the whole people of God. He has served as a trustee of Trinity College, Bristol and is closely networked with providers of TEE (Theological Education by Extension, also known as Tools that Equip and Empower), especially across Asia, and a trustee of the Gold Project (Group based Open Learning for Discipleship) in the UK.


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