Theological education


Theological Education for the Anglican Communion (TEAC) was an initiative set up by the Anglican Primates in 2003 with the aim of helping all Anglican Christians to be theologically alert and sensitive to the call of God.

They stated that, “We should all be thoughtful and prayerful in reading and hearing the Holy Scriptures, both in the light of the past and with an awareness of present and future needs.”

Theological education aims to serve the strategic aims of the Anglican Communion Office to foster intentional discipleship, promote peace, reconciliation and justice and strengthen awareness of Anglican identity. It aims to respect exploration and experiment, honour every local context and, at the same time, calls each member together into communion and mutual accountability.

TEAC aims to build educational and training networks of mutual learning and friendship and equip leaders through the development of online theological resources. It is also co-ordinating and promoting theological education for mission among the churches of the Communion in the lead up to the Lambeth Conference 2020.

The information and resources on offer are not just for clergy or those training for ministry. These materials will be updated during 2019. Here is a selection:

Theological Education in the Anglican Communion - Resources Bulletin

TEAC-Bulletin -1907-en

Educación Teológica en la Comunión Anglicana - Informe

TEAC-Bulletin -1907-es

Educação Teológica na Comunhão Anglicana - Boletim Informativo

TEAC-Bulletin -1907-pt