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Report on the Permanent Forum on Indigeneous Issues by Rachel Chardon

Five hundred representatives from 370 million indigenous peoples from over 72 countries around the world met in New York for the eleventh session ofthe Permanent Forum of Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations. Comprising representation from at least 5000 distinct peoples,

29 MAY 2012 683 KB

Communiqué from the meeting of ARCIC III in Hong Kong 2012

The Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission has completed the second meeting of its new phase (ARCIC III), at the Mission to Seafarers in Kowloon, Hong Kong (3-10 May 2012).

10 MAY 2012 22 KB

Newsletter: Divided Families

Divided Families

Civil conflict, eviction from informal settlements and demolition of homes, drug and alcohol abuse, incarceration, migration in search of work, and family breakdown are just some of the circumstances that can split families apart.

The stories gathered in this newsletter 'Divided Families' describe some of the causes of separation and the pain and loss that go with it. But they also speak of innovative and hopeful projects undertaken by Anglican churches and Christian organisations which set out to heal and restore, offer practical support, and make life more bearable for those who have been cut off from their loved ones and those who would normally provide for the safety and daily needs of home and family.

07 MAY 2012 1.23 MB

Compass Points April 2012

27 APR 2012 456 KB

Communique from the Anglican-Methodist International Commission for Unity in Mission - Maryland, USA 2012

The fourth meeting of the Anglican-Methodist International Commission for Unity in Mission (AMICUM) has taken place near Baltimore, Maryland, 10-16 February 2012

16 FEB 2012 138 KB

Compass Points Jan 2012

27 JAN 2012 873 KB

Report and Financial Statements for year ending 31st December 2011

The following PDF document the Report and Financial Statements for year ending 31st December 2011

31 DEC 2011 1.56 MB

IAWN Newsletter November 2011

Restoring right relationship

When the Provincial Links of the International Anglican Women’s Network met in 2009 they identified the elimination of all forms of violence against women and children as a priority for the advocacy work of IAWN.

14 NOV 2011 627 KB

AOCICC - Anglican-Old Catholic International Co-ordinating Council November 2011 - Communiqué

The Anglican-Old Catholic International Co-ordinating Council (AOCICC) met in York, England from 4 to 8 November 2011.

08 NOV 2011 83 KB

Belonging together in Europe: A joint statement on aspects of ecclesiology and mission

The present paper is the fruit of six years work by the Anglican Old Catholic International Coordinating Council (AOCICC) in fulfilment of two aspects of the mandate given to the Council by the Archbishops of Canterbury and Utrecht:

07 NOV 2011 105 KB